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You will learn to aim and shoot firearms in both the real and the vr. All pcc only targets are off limits to unlimitedx4 division. The founder, george cook, dedicated his life to the trap shooting community. Usa now 3 gun shooters and fans alike have an online store dedicated to 3 gun and 3 gun nation. Free virtual shooting range software for linux, mac, and windows to enhance laser dry fire weapons training. This recording can be synced up with the 3gn live replay for a multimedia experience. Each 3gn club member from the second 50 clubs that have joined will have the opportunity to win a barnes stripped lower receiver. The goal of the club series is to gain maximum reoccurring participation and exposure to 3 gun competition worldwide. Danville, va the 2016 3 gun nation championship and shooting sports expo is coming to virginia international raceways premium onsite shooting ranges oct. Practice for free with your weapon, a webcam, and a laser cartridge.

Jesse tischauser from rhino arms shooting on the 3 gun nation pro series. To manage your member account online, you will need to supply a username and password. The international practical shooting confederation ipsc is the worlds second largest. In this video 2019 3gn champion dan horner wins a dramatic shootoff at 20 3gn nationals. Tagged 3gun, 3gun nation, chris anderson, jesse tischauser, kurt miller. In 2010 and 2011, garcia survived the 3 gun nation shoot off at superstition mountain mystery 3 gun, knocking off top names such as mike voigt, taran butler and. Im not a 3gun specialist, i shoot primarily handgun competitions. This is raw talent, pure emotion and excitement unfolding before a. Multigunners compete in uspsa and 3gun nation events. The fastest growing and most exciting shooting sport out there right now is 3 gun competition. Jesse tischauser on how to become a champion 3gun shooter. The national 3 gun association is an organization dedicated to the promotion of 3 gun competition. Airgun forum airgun nation best airgun site airgun.

How to become a 3gun competitor on 15 minutes a day and a. The 3gun nation 3gn club series was created to foster growth in the shooting sports. Find a shooting range in your area that puts on 3 gun matches. Upon joining 3gn you will receive a promo code for panteao productions via email. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiats, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. In this signature event, sixteen 3 gun nation competitors dueled in a series of oneonone matches until just two shooters remained. If youre not familiar with 3 gun, it consists of a set of courses in which you shoot three different gunsa rifle, a pistol and a shotgunat different stages, and engage various short and longdistance targets from various positions.

The shoot off went better than i could have dreamed. The heart of this program is longrange marksmanship. A special episode of the 3 gun show, this is a live running commentary of the 3 gun nation pro series championship shoot off with special guest commentators jacob betsworth, lance dingler, rick birdsall, dianna muller, nick atkinson and john mcclain. Com is the worlds largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiats of all types. As a 3gn club, your club can provide the opportunity to host 3gn rules and classifiers while maintaining your personal brand of 3 gun events. The 3gun nation 3gn club series was created to foster growth in the shooting sports at the local level and provide a national classification system for the sport. The national 3 gun association n3ga dba 3gun nation is dedicated to promoting the sport of 3 gun competition through the participation at clubs locally to new and experienced competitors. All clubs wanting to host 3 gun nation matches have to meet the following requirements. Ipsc organizes the world championships called the handgun world shoot, rifle world shoot and shotgun world shoot with three year intervals for each.

National 3 gun association, he has appeared on radio programs promoting. Part 3gn pro series, part natural terraininspired stage design, 3gn regionals are comprised of what everyone can expect to see in the sport of 3 gun. The 3 gun nation shoot off is a format like no other, where competitors take on steel rifle, shotgun and pistol racks in a race to the stop plate. Im not a 3 gun specialist, i shoot primarily handgun competitions. In a real life shootout, if the rifle or carbine has come out it is pretty. A vr shooting game with different maps and firearms. Complete guide to 3gun competition paperback july 18, 2012. Keith garcia defends his title against taran butler. If you can stay smooth and not get ahead of yourself, you can cruise and still win. International practical shooting confederation wikipedia. Butler wins 32man 3gun nation shootoff in kentucky. The national 3 gun association, through 3gun nation live.

Much of that is due to the efforts of 3gun nation 3gn, which has a. Carolina 3gun gun range franklinville, north carolina. How 3gun nation is changing the game for shooting sports. Get your laser target practice with our home shooting simulator. If you already have an account with 3gun nation and wish to register or renew as a competing member, click here to login. This safe, family fun, mildly competitive recreational shooting program will be your stepping stone into the world of 3 gun. National 3gun association, he has appeared on radio programs promoting.

The 3 gun nation regional series, capped with 3gn nationals, is a series of major matches for the 3gn membership. To manage your member account with 3gun nation you will need to supply a username and password. The 3 gun nation pro series shoot off is a sporting event like no other, said 3 gun nation president pete brown. Laptops and tablets mobile computers report writing software. Today my partner jeremy riggs from keystone munitions and i pulled off the match win at the heidelberg 2. The 3 gun nation pro series is the first of its kind, featuring the top shooters in the sport of 3 gun. Shootoff free dry fire laser firearm training software. The airgun nation forum is an airgun metropolis for community and industry alike. The goal of this program is to add an exciting, additional shooting challenge for 3gn. Join 3gun nation register a club site support log in.

Enter that information below to register your account today. Some fun in the shoot house stage from last months match. Gun parts that let you assemble a firearm at home already exist freely and legally on the market, as popular mechanics explains. Watch as the competitors use rifles, shotguns and pistols in a race to see who takes home the cash payday. Join 3 gun nation register a club site support log in. Ok, this one is straight from the facebook post that i asked for blog suggestions. Find a place to shoot and other helpful resources for shooters. The nra 3 gun experience 3ge is designed to introduce new and intermediate shooters to the world of 3 gun. Shooting a stage at a match in texas that required a prop gun grenade launcher. Each shooter will compete in the same division, tactical optics, in a headsup points race to qualify for the seasonending finale held in las vegas january, 2014. Each 3gn club member from the first 50 clubs that have joined will have the opportunity to win a remington versamax shotgun as well as a hiperfire trigger. Virginia international raceway fires up for 3gun nation. This sixevent series will crown the 202014 3 gun nation champion. Because of that i didnt shoot my first 3 gun match until october of 2009.

Im all about growing the sport, so if not selling you the most expensive gear we have means youll be able to shoot more matches, im all for it. I would gladly send a book or dvd of my program your competition handgun. Please enter your username or member number but not both below. These drills will help you hit more birdsand all you need is a flashlight. Matches generally involve courses where the shooter must move through different stages, and engage targets in a variety of different positions. He is the co host of 3gun nation tv, is a life member of the nra, and regularly attends shot. A good example of this is the goofy overhand grip you see many threegun shooters using. Scoring is based on time and hits minus penalties, with each. Watch the rifle sequence closely as each of them are dead even picking up the rifle. He is the cohost of 3gun nation tv, is a life member of the nra, and regularly attends shot. A variety of targets, training exercises, projector support, shot recording, animated targets, and more. Horner, after leaving the usamu, now shoots for team sig sauer.

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