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Apply a thick coat of tung oil to the stock and rub it in with your fingers for a few minutes, until you feel the oil start to soak in. Eventually, the day came when the sawdust was unbearable and. We can repair almost any type of damage to the stock of your long gun. While many of you reading this probably own an evil black rifle or three, there is a good chance youve got one or more guns with nice wooden stocks. This works well on the wheel flares of jeeps and the old chrysler neon bumpers. Top 10 books every investor should read investopedia. It depends i usually use watco dark danish oil on the model70, and other times, i use pine tar, followed by mineral oil and when the oil is wet, i rub beeswax over the oil to melt the wax and burnish by hand.

Our complete stock finish kit gives you everything you need to finish a new stock or to refinish an old stock. Stock refinishing velocity works, guns, firearms, ammo. Cooper sporting classic remington 700 french and claro walnut stocks. The results of your work are a dramatic improvement. Sprayons are powerful stuff, however, so use rubber gloves and a face mask, and work in a wellventilated area. The owner requested that i also add checkered cheek panels to the gun to dress it up a little. Custom rifles, blueing and general gun repair also available. Over 8,000 books in stock american west biography history fiction travel exploration natural history medicine science. We make the best penetrating oil and wax finishes for your wooden gun stocks.

So, you want to commission a wood and metal masterpiece, or maybe try your own hand at stockmaking. Welcome to my world of gun stocks, walnut shavings and hand rubbed finishes. We are dedicated to the development, sales, and distribution of allnatural, nontoxic penetrating oil finishes for all types of woodwork. Lemonorange oil will not damage the value of the gun. Go to the custom gun guild and they offer great information for sale. Thanks for stopping by we manufacture semifinished unfinished gunstocks for all kinds of rifles and shotguns, replacement gunstocks, custom gun stocks, thumbhole gun stocks etc.

This is popular for customers with a budget and arent necessarily looking for that brand new look. The finished result is a freshened up gun that hardly looks like it was touched. Remove the old finish make sure the gun is unloaded and remove the barreled action from the stock. If you really love the blond, get your 0000 steel wool and a can of gloss polyurethane. The head of the stock was in reasonable condition and the customer did not have it in his budget to replace the stock with a new one. Since 1979 collector grade has been producing an expanding catalogue of important reference gun books on the worlds most influential modern small arms.

Burl shotgun set sent in by customer for duplication. Click here to view a description of our semifinished gunstocks. Gunstocks, inc semifinished gun stocks made from the. Refinishing gun stock whisker the stock by rubbing it down with rubbing alcohol, which will raise the grain, like whiskers. Many stocks will also be impregnated with gun oil in the endgrain areas and this will continue to weep out of the timber if it is not dealt with in the preparation. Old tree gun blanks is dedicated to offering the finest gunstock wood in the world to the custom gun maker and firearm enthusiast. As well, an extremely valuable firearm may be perceived of lesser value if modifications. Using products made for gun stock repair is always first choice but if there was a national disarmament then repairing a cracked or broken. They have scuffs, dings and dents plus generally show a worn look, they are excellent shooters but, id like to refurbish them. Well strip off the old finish and sand down the wood without removing all those character marks before applying a finish of your choice.

Learn about stocks and investing strategies with the right book. I have done some in the past and what i will be showing you is my own proven method on how to get that glossy new out of the box look out of your tired looking stocks. Feb 23, 20 true oil is a great finish and easy to apply. I offer satin finished stocks, high gloss finished stocks, i install and provide recoil pads to the customers specifications, i cut stocks to the customers specifications, i repair damaged stocks, i also provide and install sling swivels. The specialized art of carving gunstocks is very popular with both hunters and. Birchwood casey complete truoil gun stock finish kit birchwood casey. Before and after examples of our stock repair work. Part i firearms, reloading supplies, gunsmithing tools, gun.

I have another one i did od green no pics, but it turned out well the red is really darker than the pics make it look. Birchwood casey truoil gun stock finish kit bass pro shops. However, it will add a yellow tint to the wood as it has an amber color. If you are looking for that classic, antique, rich handrubbed look on your rifle, than these are the finishes for you. I want to create an instructable for refinishing gun stocks. I have been working on gun stocks for over twenty years now, at first as a hobby in the evening, now as a full time job. Sand it back down after it dries, which will only take a few minutes, and then do it again until it stops raising the grain. I have an august 1941 lendlease gun with what would appear to have the original armory dipped linseed oil finish. If the gun youre considering for refinishing is a collectible, please be advised that any alteration to the originality of the firearm, including refinishing the stock, may decrease the street value of its potential collectible status. Truoil gun stock finish brings out the richness and beauty of fine woods and gives you a tough, long lasting finish.

Ontwo piece stocks, ill usually do one side of the stock and one side of the forearm at the same time. If the stock is faded or dull, a heat gun can be used to bring those silicones back to the surface. Legendary former manager of the magellan fund, peter lynch has written several top stock market investing books, including one up on wall street and beating. Gunstock finishing and care hardcover february 1, 1982 by a. As i was looking at two different model types for a shotgun i discovered they grade the stocks differently. The perfect finish is a birchwood casey tru oil gun stock finish. Eden prairie, mn the perfect finish is a truoil gun. If you have an older stock with the nonepoxy finish, you will be able to watch it bubble up and see it working.

The stock should be washed down with a solvent, such as mineral turpentine, to remove any oil or grease from the surface and out of the surface pores of the timber. I have for sale set of dembart checkering tool set of 5 cutters and 60 degree veiner, used once. I soaked the broken ends in acetone for about 5 minutes and brushed with a tooth brush a couple of times to remove any gun oil from the wood surface. We researched the best stock market books for you, with options for novices and veterans. If its an epoxy finish, it will look as though nothing is happening.

Semifinished means nothing about a semifinished gunstocks is finished. Truoil, tungoil, linseed will damage the value since you have technically refinished the stock the best thing about a browning citori is you can take a ragged old reload, hammer it into the barrel, call pull, break the clay, pull out a piece of brass with a jagged edge of plastic. Think about it, for the most part, the purpose of stain is to take cheap wood, like pine, and make it look like more expensive wood, like the walnut your stock is already made of. Stockys long range composite sporter lrcsporter accublock remington 700 premium finishes. I have a couple of savage 110s that need the stocks refinished, any tips, ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

Make sure the gun is unloaded and remove the barreled action from the stock. The panels were set down into the cheeks and checkered at 28 lines per inch. A truoil finish is weather resistant this is the term birchwood casey uses, not proof, looks terrific, is very tough, and can be easily repaired or renewed. Ive never really liked lacquer as a gun stock finish. If youre going to shell out thousands of dollars to a custom gunmaker or spend hundreds of hours of your own time inletting, shaping, and finishing a stock blank, youll want to. In my own collection is a rather well preserved mossberg. Ive refinished a few walnut stocks using tung oil quite beautifully, and would prefer to stay with an tung oil finish, but perhaps stain it. Rem 870 slug gun finished by a customer in virginia. Find guns books stock images in hd and millions of other royaltyfree stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the shutterstock collection.

Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1, 2, or 3 months. Sandpaper is going to prove to be your best friend in this project, so expect to use plenty of it at varying grains from course to fine grit. Stock refinishing part ii top rated supplier of firearm. A gunstock or often simply stock, the back portion of which also known as a shoulder stock, a buttstock or simply a butt, is a part of a long gun that provides structural support, to which the barrel, action, and firing mechanism are attached.

Gun books by collector grade publications, gun book publishers. Wait for a few hours, then apply a lighter coat in the same manner. Custom gun engraving knife engraving grabar metal, engraved pocket. Stock refinishing does not include any metal work, stock fitting, or installation of any features to the stock such as recoil pads or sling swivels. Now, turn the stock over and repeat the whole process again. Aug 05, 2005 some types of plastic have silicones in them. Again, try to get as much as possible of the brown colorant as possible, but dont worry if some remains. Refinishing while preserving character our most popular option. Spray the stock with finish remover to get rid of the old finish. All of the hardwood i produce is excellent top quality and hand selected.

A lot of the older browning firearms used a very light colored french walnut that had little or no color to them and this type of wood benefits from stain. The vast majority of my customers are much too far away to walk into my shop, but i am, you and i will communicate more than any gunsmith you have dealt with in the past. If you do a search for inletting or shaping gun stocks you will find a bunch of books and videos. The armory linseed dip was designed to preserve the stocks and to keep them from drying out prior to being issued. If this is a gun you will drag through the field, go with the true oil. Stock refinishing part i top rated supplier of firearm. Spray finish gets away from this problem and the average size truoil can is adequate for about two stocks. Jun 07, 2017 a truoil finish is weather resistant this is the term birchwood casey uses, not proof, looks terrific, is very tough, and can be easily repaired or renewed. Ive refinished a few walnut stocks using tung oil quite beautifully, and would prefer to stay with an tung oil finish, but perhaps stain it a bit darker so it isnt a blonde rifle stock. Thanks, ben hays bens gun stock finishing cleveland, al 35049. Also, quite a few of the new firearms are using birch and other light colored dense woods for their stocks and will look much better with a stain on them.

Prices vary depending on the type of firearm and condition of stock so please contact us for an estimate. This is the best time to fix them and fill them in with filler, according to professional. While the original finish isnt terrible, its not up to my standards uneven, brush strokes, too glossy and id like to refinish the stock. Gunsmithing how to checker a gunstock presented by larry. Sep 18, 2007 make sure the gun is unloaded and remove the barreled action from the stock. Wooden gun stock grading system registered users do not see the above ad. Gun stock manufacturer top quality semi inlet wood replacement rifle stocks and shotgun stocks. American hunter whats the best wood for a rifle stock. If you happen to own one of these firearms, you may find yourself in need of parts for repairs or upgrades. Tips for painting a wood rifle stock gone outdoors your. Next, hold the stock firmly in your rubbergloved hands, and using the flat scraper, start at the checkering and scrape back towards the butt of the gun. Using products made for gun stock repair is always first choice but if there was a national disarmament then repairing a cracked or broken gun stock would be better than trying to make one. Numerous oils are used to finish stocks including tung oil, danish oil, supermarket walnut oil and linseed oil.

From the back of his pick up truck, wayne dunlap begun providing gunstocks in 1975 as a parttime business at every. Ccl stock conditioning oil is available from my local gun shop so maybe yours too or you can get it online from avalon guns. Stockys rifle stocks americas gunstock specialists. Al linden was the originator of many features we see on custom stocks. Gun stock checkering tools and stock refinishing book.

These will be used to take the glossy lacquer off the top current layer of the rifles stock and to smooth out any rough spots or cracks that your stock may have. A good bbs hint is to add marbles to the can to raise the level of the liquid to the top so that no air is present. Eden prairie, mn the perfect finish is a truoil gun stock finish. We are dedicated to the development, sales, and distribution of allnatural, non. Catalog pricing macon gunstocks including wood blanks.

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